Amendments to the Fertilizers Regulations (Fertilizer Modernization)

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By: Joe McCarthy, Lab Service Manager/Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, email

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) published the final amendments to the Fertilizers Regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part II on November 11, 2020.

The proposed amendments introduced a risk-based approach to regulatory intervention and revised the scheme of exemptions from registration. Some notable changes include:

  • The registration period is extended from three to five years.
  • The current exemption for specialty fertilizers will be removed along with the definition of “specialty fertilizer”.
  • All information required by the Fertilizer Regulations to appear on a label must be in both English and French with equal prominence and in close proximity to each other.
  • The exemption for fertilizers imported for personal use will be removed.
  • Fertilizers imported into or manufactured in Canada for experimental purposes (research trials) will continue to be exempt, provided that the residual fertilizer and all plants that are grown in the course of the experiment are destroyed at the end of the experiment.
  • Repealing the Compendium of Fertilizer-Use Pesticides. Moving forward, all fertilizers and supplements that are, or contain pesticides, will have to conform to the provisions of the Pest Control Products Act with respect to human, animal, or plant health and safety, or the environment.
  • Adding definitions for “micronutrient,” “secondary nutrient” and “active ingredient”.
  • New product registration applications using a paper form and complying with the old Regulations will be accepted until May 2021.
  • Renewal applications of existing registrations complying with old Regulations will be accepted until November 2021.
  • For the next 3 years Fertilizers and Supplements may comply with the old Regulations or the New Regulations, but not both or a mix of the two.

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