Amended: Pest Control Products Incident Reporting Regulations

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By: Teri Dickinson, Regulatory Affairs Group Manager, email

The Regulations Amending the Pest Control Products Incident Reporting Regulations were published in the Canada Gazette, Part II on June 12, 2019.

A few highlights of the amended regulations include:

  • Harmonization of the reporting timelines for all incidents to be accumulated over a 3-month period and reported on a quarterly basis, except for the most serious cases.
  • Revision of the trigger for providing an annual summary.
  • Expansion of reporting requirements when registrations are transferred or canceled.

The coming-into-force date of the amendment is January 1, 2022.  Regulations Amending the Agriculture and Agri-Food Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations Respecting the Pest Control Products Act and Regulations (Incident Reporting) have also been updated. These changes will come into force at the same time that the amendments to the Incident Reporting Regulations come into force.

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