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Why does Dell Tech charge for a copy SDS?

Dell Tech maintains the integrity of your documentation trail by generating a new version of your product SDS, rather than altering text in the final document. In order to generate a copy SDS we:

  • Generate new and updated draft version of SDS in MSDgen
  • Standard edits such as custom logo
  • Finalize document in all requested languages

Do I need to register my consumer product in Canada?

Unfortunately, the answer is not straightforward, and it really depends on the product and the label claims. There are at least three Canadian Government Agencies, each with unique regulatory requirements, which may necessitate product registration. Dell Tech consultants are regulatory experts who work closely with the Canadian Government. We can evaluate your product label, interpret the appropriate regulations and guide you towards compliance.

How are consumer health products regulated?

Consumer health products can fall under one of three regulations depending on the active ingredient and claims which are being made. Natural Health products are regulated under the Natural Health Products Regulations; Cosmetics are regulated under the Cosmetic Regulations; and Non-prescription drugs and disinfectants are regulated under the Food and drugs Regulations.

What is a pesticide?

A pesticide is any product, device, organism, substance or thing that is manufactured, represented, sold or used as a means for directly or indirectly controlling, preventing, destroying, mitigating, attracting or repelling any pest. Pesticides can include:

  • herbicides, which are used against weeds
  • insecticides, which are used against bugs
  • fungicides and antimicrobial agents, which are used against fungus and other micro organisms
  • material and wood preservatives
  • animal and insect repellents
  • insect- and rodent-controlling devices, such as mosquito zappers and mouse traps
  • algaecides, which can be used to control algae in pools and spas

Who is required to hold a Drug Establishment Licence (DEL)?

Any individual or company who wishes to perform the following activities requires a Drug Establishment Licence (DEL):

  • A person who wishes to fabricate, package / label, test, import, distribute, or wholesale in Canada a finished dosage drug or bulk process intermediate is required to hold a DEL; and
  • A person who wishes to fabricate, package / label, test or import in Canada an active pharmaceutical ingredient is required to hold a DEL.

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