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Raw Material Classification

Most SDS Authoring software programs DO NOT classify raw materials, leaving this important and often difficult step up to the end user.

Dell Tech makes raw material classification easy

The Dell Tech team of Scientific Product Safety Consultants has 35 years of experience in classifying raw materials and we are experts in US and Canada GHS regulations.

Some of Dell Tech’s clients have purchased SDS Authoring software programs only to find that they don’t come with raw material classifications.  The compliance of your SDS document relies heavily on accurate raw material classifications.  If you are authoring your own SDS documents, but don’t have the experience or resources to accurately classify raw materials or mixtures, let Dell Tech classify for you.  

Dell Tech has exclusive memberships to multiple chemical databases including Ariel and CCOHS.  Dell Tech Product Safety Consultants use multiple sources coupled with decades of experience to weigh evidence and determine a complete picture of the hazard information for every raw material.

When it comes to product mixtures, Dell Tech has got you covered.  In order to properly classify a mixture, every single component of the mixture must be classified first.  Once this is done, potential reaction products must be considered before determining the classification of the mixture as a whole.  This is a complicated process and at Dell Tech, we are experts in chemical mixture classification.

Dell Tech’s Raw Material Classification Subscription Service

Our easy to use subscription service provides you with quick turnaround single component raw materials classifications to simplify and streamline your SDS Authoring Process.  Use Dell Tech classifications with your in-house software program and be confident that your GHS classification is accurate and compliant.  Contact Dell Tech today for more information.

Kirsten Alcock
Manager, Product Safety Group

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