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GHS SDS Authoring

Looking for a US or Canada GHS compliant Safety Data Sheet for your workplace or consumer product?

Dell Tech makes your GHS SDS process easy

The Dell Tech team of Scientific Product Safety Consultants has successfully authored thousands of SDS/MSDS documents for hundreds of clients across the globe over the last 35 years.

Both Canada and the US require that a GHS Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is available for all hazardous products in the workplace.  The SDS contains pertinent information on the chemical, physical and health properties of a product and critical hazard and safe handling precautions for workers and emergency personnel.  Dell Tech uses a comprehensive GHS SDS Authoring Process producing high quality, accurate and compliant SDS’s and Safety Labels. 

Dell Tech GHS SDS Authoring Process:

  1. Dell Tech has entered into thousands of confidentiality agreements with clients and we are well known in the industry for our integrity and confidentiality. The first step of the SDS authoring process is entering a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients.
  2. We provide clients with a list of all required information for SDS authoring. This list includes the request of a full formulation with weight percentages of each component, product specifications and any pertinent test data.
  3. Our Product Safety Specialists will review the formulation and check the classification of each raw material, reviewing it against existing toxicological data, WHMIS, GHS, DOT, TDG, OSHA, CEPA DSL, and TSCA.
  4. Next, we use the component classifications to determine a classification for the overall mixture using current regulatory guidelines and numerous health and safety databases.
  5. Physical, chemical, health and classification information is entered into our proprietary software program, and the resultant DRAFT SDS is edited, double checked and forwarded to the client for preliminary review.
  6. All necessary client edits are made to the SDS and then finalized in the languages of choice. Each GHS SDS is accompanied by a GHS Safety Panel for your product label if required.
Kirsten Alcock
Manager, Product Safety Group

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