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Recycling of Containers sold In Ontario

The Waste Diversion Act in Ontario (2002) has legal requirements for companies that are brand owners, first importers, franchisors, or resident in Ontario that have items that end up in Ontario recycling streams. This is a process set out by Stewardship Ontario.

Dell tech can help you achieve compliance with the legislation by doing the following:

  1. Review of your business to assess whether you are a blue box steward or orange drop steward
  2. Preparation and submission of quarterly reports based on sales and disposal and export information provided by you

General Waste

Did you know that businesses in Ontario are governed by different recycling and waste regulations? This includes retail outlets, shopping centres, office buildings, industrial, restaurants, hotels and many more. As a business you are required to have source separation and recycling in place and a plan for collection, handling and removal. 

Dell tech can help you to set up waste management and tracking programs as you work towards a goal of zero waste to landfill by finding outlets for your waste materials.  Sustainability in waste management will be key to the success of your business in the future.

Chemical and Hazardous Waste

Do you use chemicals, hazardous materials and or solvents in your process or are they a biproduct of your process? The waste regulations in Ontario set our key requirements for storage and disposal. Have you considered that there may be an outlet for your waste that is recycling or energy from waste?

Dell Tech can help you set up your HWIN requirements, register your waste streams and help you to find sustainable options for your chemical and hazardous waste.

Contact us today to and we can help you to set your business in a sustainable direction!

Paula Stanley
Manager, Environmental and
Health and Safety Group

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