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Do you need an Environmental Emergency Response plan (E2 plan)? 

Under the Environmental Emergency Regulations for Canada SOR/2003-307 notification and in-depth emergency response plans are required when you reach a certain amount of product per year for over 200 chemicals. There can be ongoing requirements as well as annual notices.

The protection of employees, the pubic and the environment is an important part of your business planning and will help to improve business continuity in the event of an emergency. This will also help to ensure the safety and health of your employees and the community.

We can work directly with you to create an emergency response strategy or a more in-depth E2 plan including evacuation plans, fire safety plans, shelter in place, chemical spills and emergencies including incident command, notification and drill procedures and assembly areas. There are often ongoing requirements including annual notices which can be built into your emergency response strategy.

Dell tech can provide a full-service program to help you achieve compliance with the regulations including including setting up the required notices and certifications as well as helping you to create an emergency response plan that will meet the requirements of the legislation and make sense for your business.

Paula Stanley
Manager, Environmental and
Health and Safety Group

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